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Cutting up Phrasal Verbs; Cutting out Prepositions and Adverbs

As a practice / follow up activity for a lesson on phrasal verbs, try getting students to actively engage in the process of hunting out phrasal verbs in authentic texts and creating gapped text exercises for their classmates to complete. You could provide a series of selected texts or ask learners to source one as homework. Students should take the text and rewrite / retype it removing some adverbs or prepositions, both those connected to phrasal verbs as particles and a series of those that aren’t. (Even better if students can find some common collocations in the text which include prepositions or adverbs.) Depending on the students’ level and your stage in the course, learners might want to give the removed prepositions in a random order at the foot of the text or simply try to fill in the spaces with the word they think fits best.

Be careful not to wear your learners out too much!



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